Keys to a Successful Business

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Option to buy services at budget prices

10 Steps to starting your own business

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Website development and SEO

Find Freedom of Choice

Start your own business and create a website

The Guide’s purpose is to provide a resource for people to start a new business and a website without spending money hiring professional help.  


The Guide links to free online resources available to assist you in completing each part of the process, along with detailed descriptions and tutorials explaining how to use them. 


The Guide is particularly relevant to currently employed skilled tradesmen wanting to branch out on their own. However, it is also applicable to any skilled worker outside the trade and services industries.  


Hover your mouse over the Content image below, and you will notice the Guide contains a 10 step process.


Each step unlocks a key to starting a successful business.


Completing the 10 steps will result in you owning a brand new business along with a website that will drive traffic (potential customers) to your new business in the form of job inquiries.  


Step 1: describes a process where you can ask any number of professionals to quote completing any part of starting a new business described in the Guide.  These professionals will quote levels of service and prices to suit any budget.


Those who want/need professional assistance will have it readily available.


Step 2: Creating a name for your business and its relevance to Google search engine optimization.


Step 3: A short section about your need to check trademark registration.


Step 4: Choosing a domain name and best practices.  The relationship between domain names, SEO, and keywords.


Step 5: About registering your domain names and the best registration options.


Step 6: Developing a business logo and business brand. Description of colors and how they project the image of your business. Introduces a free platform that makes logo design simple. You see a practical example of logo designing for a window cleaning business. 


Step 7: Building a website using a do-it-yourself website building platform.  People having no prior experience can build stunning, eye-catching websites.  


An hour-long tutorial describes the process from sign-in through to publishing your brand new website. Website building best practices, essential elements, and pages are included.


Step 8: You are told how to incorporate website analysis tools, what it does, and how it will help you bring more visitors to your website. 


Step 9: Linking your website to Google Console. Google Consul measures your website and keyword performance and identifies and helps fix performance issues. 


Step 10: Lastly, creating a local google business and linking it to your website to help drive more traffic.


All this for just $45. 

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Guide explaining how to get your business online

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