Becoming a Business Owner

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Why investigate starting your business?

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About the Author of The Guide

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How to go from worker to a business owner.

This is a short personal account of the process I experienced and why it will help you.

To help fund my way through University, or more particularly 'student lifestyle,' I got a job in the service industry, cleaning windows. 


The window cleaning clients paid me and, at the end of each week, I paid 30% of the total income I received to my boss. In return, my boss provided a weekly schedule of work.


The perfect setup for a student. 


I learned about the Internet and analyzing Business data and decided to build a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) App. An online system (not many around during the early 2000s) that costed, quoted, and invoiced jobs within particular industries.


Over time subscriptions grew, and I generated income. It was essentially a desk job sitting behind a computer all day. 

I wanted to move away from sitting behind a desk and decided to start a small business that provided a more practical work-related lifestyle. Although good at window cleaning made plenty of mistakes creating and growing my new small business. Some mistakes were quite costly and ate into my limited budget.

So I found myself back on the Internet learning about how to promote my small business online, such as this article by Wordstream. The learning curve was long and arduous because the articles I found didn't detail the practical steps needed to start a business and get it online.

The main unanswered questions were:

  • What business name do I use?

  • What the heck is a domain name?

  • What are keywords and how do I find them and how many do I need?

  • How do I design a logo that works?

  • Who offers the best Website development?

  • What do I put on my website?

  • What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and,

  • what SEO resources are the most effective?


These were all new challenges and it took time to find the best available resources for learning about them. However, over time it was satisfying watching the client base grow, and revenue streams increase as the business grew.


When I obtained financial freedom my work hours became increasingly flexible and could spend more time with my family. The job became management orientated because there was staff available to do the practical work.


Along the way, I talked to many employed tradesmen. A common talking point was 'how to start and grow a small business".


This got me thinking perhaps there were other employed tradesmen looking to start their own business.


I decided to compile the knowledge and experiences learned into a booklet called The Guide. 


The Guide is exclusively available on this website.  It literally is 'a Guide' containing a very practical step-by-step approach to describing how to setup your own business and move it online.

In order to reach out to as many tradesmen as possible, I have kept the cost of Guide to a minimum.


It's easily affordable at $45.

Click on the Booklet image to download a copy.

the guide booklet about from tradesman to small business