How to become Self-employed

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Start your own business

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Move your business online

Search Engine Optimization

Make Your Own Decisions

The Guide is written for tradespeople however will suit anybody wishing to start their own business.

Why employed tradesmen should start a business

  • Get rewarded for your efforts.

  • Become your own boss.

  • All income directly to you.

  • Work the hours you want.

The guide about becomimg self employed

Is this you?

You are skilled at your job.

You understand the benefits of being self-employed and starting your own business.


BUT! you wonder how to start - where to source the best possible information showing what you need to do.

You have landed at precisely the right place.

This site offers you a booklet called "The Guide".


The Guide explains everything you need to know about setting up your new tradesman business and getting it online.​


It is easy to read and understand. You simply follow a practical 10 step process and voila! you've created a new business and successfully moved it online. 

The guide about moving your business online

Do I need design & writing skills?

If you have any design or writing skills, then unleash them!

The Guide shows you how.

But if you don't have these skills the Guide shows you how to get quotes from a range of professional services.


They will assist you to start your new business and website at prices that suit your budget.

Importantly, it also describes all the best practices to follow that ensure you get total satisfaction.

The guide about starting your own business
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What The Guide contains

A 10 step process that includes;

  • Choosing a business name

  • Choosing domain name

  • Designing a logo

  • Creating an attractive website

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Building a local Google Business

Click The Guide image and discover exactly how it will benefit you

A tradesperon cleaner

How much does the guide cost?

The Guide is going to cost you just $45. That's right, the cost of about 10 cups of coffee. 


One payment of $45 will give you the entire process from start to finish.  


Once you complete the 10 step process, your potential clients will visit your website.  They will fill out the contact form and you instantly receive their job request by email and on your mobile app.

The marketing effort is performed automatically. You reach your target audience - effortlessly!


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Click the booklet to download The Guide and follow the path to financial and personal freedom.